RAF Terms and Conditions

How our RAF scheme works

Once you have attended your first course with the BAA, you will either be sent a unique RAF voucher in your certificate pack or this will be emailed to you. You can then pass the voucher to your friend! 

Should you recommend a friend, when they book their first course with us, they will get £15 off and you will get a 15% discount off your next course with us!

Should you know more than one person who would like to book into any BAA course, you can request more RAF vouchers from us, however a maximum of 2 RAF vouchers can be applied to any one course. 

For ease of understanding the person who receives the voucher from us is called the BARER. The RECIPIENT is the friend who is receives the voucher from the barer. 

How to claim your RAF discount

All you need to do is give the voucher to your friend, they need to fill in the details on the back of the voucher and they can either post it back to us or take a picture of the voucher and email it over to us.

If your friend uses your RAF voucher, we will contact you via email when they have paid for their first course, letting you know you now have your discount/s applied on your account! 

Once you have received this email from us and you are ready to book another course, please email us the RAF voucher code (written on the voucher) and the course name and date you wish to book on to: info@britishactionacademy or call us on 01252 711130.  We will confirm your RAF discount status and will email you an invoice for the course amount minus any discounts applicable so you can pay easily online.

Conditions of the scheme

    • RAF vouchers are valid for 3 months for the recipient. Expiry date is listed on the voucher.
    • Expiry for the barer is 3 months from the date the friend books onto their first course.
    • RAF vouchers can only be given to recipients who have not booked a BAA course before.
    • Only one RAF voucher can be used per course booking for the recipient.
    • The bearer can use a maximum of 2 vouchers (30%) on one course booking.
    • RAF vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.
    • RAF vouchers cannot be used on Warrior Club and course re-assessments.

Cancellation terms (for both barer and recipient) 

  • Discounts will not be moved over to new course booking should you cancel within the 10 working day cancellation period.
  • Should you cancel before the 10 working day cancellation period and want a refund, your discount will not be rolled over to a future booking.
  • Should you wish for a roll over of your payment if you cancel before the 10 working day cancellation period, we will roll your discount over only once to another course booking. 
  • As the barer, should your recommended friend/s cancel their course under our booking terms and conditions, you will not lose your RAF credit and can still apply it to a future booking.

RAF Scheme changes

  • The BAA can change or amend the RAF scheme at any time
  • The BAA can refuse a RAF discount at anytime 


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