Here are a list of the most common questions we get asked, which we have provided answers for. We hope this may help answer whatever questions you might have! 

I want to be a performer on the big screen, where do I start?

Firstly, it's important for you to decide what type of performer you wish to be. There are a few options to chose from and they all have different entries into the industry: 

Stunt Performer

Firstly, we would recommend you take a look at our B.L.A.S.T stunt training course, this course is ideal as it will give you the opportunity to learn from working leading stunt professionals and will allow you to see if you have what it takes before you spend a lot of time and money pursing this as a career path.

Once you have begun your journey to become a stunt performer - one avenue you can go down is to join the British Stunt Register (BSR), which is the main directory of some of the Stunt Co-ordinators/Performers in the UK. 

It is not essential to join the BSR to work in the industry as a stunt performer, although it does allow you to advertise that you are available to work.

However, there are many non-BSR Stunt Co-ordinators/Performers working within the industry, advertising themselves through various other channels.

If you are looking to go down a non-BSR path, we have a few suggestions on how you can be successful with this.

Firstly, you must make sure you have a high skillset and you must be passionate and dedicated to this career path - which is not for the faint hearted.  

Adding as many different strings to your bow is also important. The BAA provides a variety of training for action performers and stunt performers alike - so when you turn up on set, you will be more prepared for a variety of different scenarios. However, the courses cannot guarantee you work, but they will give you essential training, that will help you become a safe and competent stunt performer.

Any training is good training and so the more skills you have in a variety of different areas, the more employable you will be - which is the goal! As a stunt performer, screen combat is a skill that you should have to a high level - we provide the Warrior Masterclass, which will teach you everything you need to know, taking you from a beginner standard to an advanced standard through the course.

When you feel your ability is at the high standard that is required, an option could be to look at searching out working stunt co-ordinators online and contacting them with a brief respectful introduction letter, including a list of both your skills and abilities. We also believe it is also essential to add a showreel, but is must be of a high performance/ability standard as if it is not, it may be ignored.

Action Actor 

Should you wish to become an actor performing your own action, you will need some form of formal acting training and to register with an agent. The more skills to your bow as an actor, the more in demand you may become and in this competitive industry. If you wish to be a screen action actor you should train in screen combat (our Warrior Masterclass is perfect for this), have high level martial arts training and learn a large range of action/stunt techniques. This will make you a more versatile performer. 

Skilled Supporting Artist (Special Action Extras/S.P.A.C.T)

Another type of performer a Skilled Supporting Artist or Special Action Extra. At the BAA we use the Skilled Supporting Artist terminology or (SSA) for short.

The role of an SSA is to perform mainly action in a background capacity on productions that require larger performance groups. For example: period/modern battles or large group scenes. All jobs are different, you could be performing screen combat alongside stunt performers and lead actors or working as armed Police, depending on how experienced and trained you are.

Training in acting and screen combat are recommended in order to be as proficient as possible.

We have our BAA Screen Action Agency, constantly providing performers to film and television productions - to join our Agency, you must have successfully completed the Warrior Masterclass Battle Phase II or have completed one of our courses and have a specialist skill - for more information, check out our Agency Information page.

How likely is it for me to become a successful performer?

Any performance route in the screen action industry is tough to break into and to make regular reliable work from. That being said, we have hundreds of students who are currently working as either stunt performers, actors or skilled supporting artists.

These performers have ensured that they continue to work and promote themselves. To be noticed and to stand out against the wealth of talent in the action industry and to be successful in this business, you must promote yourself as a business. You cannot expect the phone to ring for work, you must be proactive and motivated to network yourself.

As a performer, you should possess professional headshots, body shots and a showreel once you are at a competent standard.

Can your courses prepare me for being a performer on screen?

Absolutely. Our courses are designed to do just that, to introduce you to the world of screen action first hand. Our courses have been designed by some of the UK’s leading stunt co-ordinators and performers and are essential training for those looking to become stunt performers, actors or skilled supporting artists.

We are the UK's leading screen action training academy having trained performers from all over the globe, from famous actors, leading UK and Hollywood stunt performers to international and Olympic sporting champions. We have also trained over 70% of the new stunt performers entering the industry.

Our courses will prepare you for what the life of an action performer could be like. You will meet lots of like-minded people and be taught by some of the most experienced stunt co-ordinators and performers in the industry. 

The Warrior Masterclass is the only screen combat course recognised by the UK film and TV industry and is an essential course for action performers of all levels and experience. Due to the phenomenal success of our industry recognised Warrior Masterclass screen combat course, those with the Warrior qualifications are in high demand from Productions within the industry. 

B.L.A.S.T is the UK's only industry health and safety approved stunt training course. Instructed by UK leading stunt performers and co-ordinators, it represents the highest standard of dedicated stunt training available in the industry. Designed for both experienced performers and trainee's, B.L.A.S.T puts you through a series of realistic on-set style stunt scenarios and will test the limits of your physical and mental ability. This course is a great introduction to screen action and is essential experience for those looking to become a performer on the big screen.

Gun Rush is our firearms for film course designed by stunt and military professionals, providing you with an extensive knowledge of screen action and weaponry for film, you'll receive a high standard of firearms and performance training in the film and TV industry. This unique one day performance based firearms experience is open to industry performers in the Film and TV industry and those who have an interest in screen action.

What age do you have to be to partake in the BAA Courses?

You have to be 18 to do any of the BAA courses, however, you can be 16 witrh parental or guardian consent. A form will be issued to the parent/guardian of the individual, who will be expected to sign the form prior to the start of the course. Please email for more information. 

Do you get equipment provided to you for the duration of the course?

Yes! Absolutely - for the duration of the course you will have access to any and all equipment/training weapons relevant to the individual course. You will be advised by email or via our student Portal if there are any pieces of equipment you need to bring to the course.

We do recommend that you wear good, loose fitting clothing and sports style shoes/trainers that will allow you to move around easily and comfortably. More information on this and other things we recommend that you bring can be found on our student Portal, once you have booked on!

Will I receive a certificate for completing the courses?

For our Warrior Masterclass course, you will get a certificate for each Phase of the course upon successful completion, apart from the Warrior Masterclass Phase IV as you will need to complete the Advanced Screen Combatant course in order to pass.

BLAST, however, is a personal development course, which allows each student to perform at their individual level so there is no qualification and no certificate for the course.

Do I need any previous screen/stage combat training or fighting skills?

Not at all! The Warrior Masterclass Phase I has been designed for students with a variety of different backgrounds, including those with years of martial arts experience and also those with no experience at all. The course will bring all students in - learning from the ground up!

Do I need to do any training for the Warrior Masterclass Phase I in preparation for the course?

We recommend that you work on your fitness levels, as the course can be intense physically, which only grows as you progress through the Phases. The course is designed to bring you in from any skill level and teach you from the ground up.

Is the Warrior course only for those wanting to get into the industry?

Simply, no! Many people attend the course, ranging from those who want to become performers within the screen action industry to those who simply love the movies or want to challenge themselves on the course!

I want to join your agency, how do I do that?

We've created a page especially for our Agency information, please check it out to learn more.