We recreate Tom Cruise MI6 stunt!

It may seem like forever ago, but the long hot summer was only mere months ago, and if you’re as action mad as us, it’s likely that you went to see Mission: Impossible - Fallout at the cinema.

If so, you would have marvelled at the HALO jump sequence over Paris, gasped at the crazy manoeuvres in the helicopter scene, winced at the bathroom fight sequence and sat jaw agape at the Paris motorbike chase.

However, since the release of the film, it seems that the stunt that has had the largest reaction is a building to building jump over the streets of London, a stunt that ended with Tom Cruise breaking his ankle.

Following Tom's appearance on the Graham Norton show to publicise the release of the film, the slow-motion footage of Tom's injury went viral. It seemed like wherever you went on the Internet you would see the clip of Tom attempting the jump, only to not make it, and end up crashing into the side of the building.

What is it about watching a limb bend in a peculiar way that piques our interest? You can watch the video HERE.

Fast forward to 30th November 2018, and we find ourselves at a central London location, where the stunt team from Live for Action (The BAA's event's department) have spent the last day deep in rehearsals recreating the MI6 Fallout jump on behalf of Paramount and Premier Comms to promote the DVD release.

They set up two towers, 18 feet apart, and rigged a safety harness. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to jump between the platforms, without breaking your ankle.

The stunt is ready, it’s been checked and double checked. It’s time to call "action". The doors open to the excited members of the public, journalists and celebrities who have arrived to check it out, and try their hand at jumping the exact same distance that Tom “completed” during filming.

First up is Olympic gold medal winner Greg Rutherford. Greg's incredible career and success in the Long Jump gives him all the tools he needs for the job.

Not only does Greg smash it in style, he then stays to give emotional support all those tense participants that step up to have a go. Greg really is a legend.  

The nerves, adrenaline, and excitement are festooned around the venue. Each jump has an immense build of anticipation, run up, action and landing.  Followed by the rapturous applause and the incredible pure joy grin on the faces of all those that gave the jump their best.

They've done it, only to then revert to their inner child and scream "again again again".

Those that were brave enough not only walked away with a cool CGI video of their jump but seemed to have a sense of achievement knowing they were part of something so unique.

Mission Impossible. Mission Complete. 

If you would like to learn more about Live for Action events and team building activities please visit the website HERE.

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