Human stunt performers? Hasta la vista, baby.

One of our most favourite franchises here at the BAA is The Terminator. The rise of the machines is as much in our movie fascination as it is in our nightmares.

We always ponder to where it would start. Is Google Deep Mind the begining of Skynet? Will the T1000's ancestor be the Eye 360 Dyson robot hoover?!  "Chill out dickwad" I hear you say.

In all seriousness and with Terminator references aside, a team at Disney have created a robot stunt performer under a project called 'Stuntronics'. It was only earlier this year that they presented Stickman, a z-shaped robot capable of performing somersaults in the air. 

Now, for the first time, the imagineers at Disney have created a 90 pound robotic figure capable of self-adjusting whilst being thrown up to heights of 60 feet. Designed for their parks, the robot stunt performer has a complicated array of on-board sensors and lasers that calculate the precise moment for it to tuck into that perfect somersault, when and how to move it's arms to twist and more amazingly, when to slow down to nail that perfect landing. 

As human beings we are not efficient. We are expensive. We have working rights. We tire. We die.

I can hear the Terminator calling..."Come with me if you want to live...." 

If you've been lucky enough to go to Disney or any of it’s parks, you’ll remember it was a place of joy and pure happiness. Yet there was a certain lifeless quality about the animatronics. 

Movies on the other hand are becoming more and more realistic. Productions want bigger and better stunts every movie release and CGI advancements are moving at lightning speeds. Cinemas offer 3D and 4D viewing experiences and Disney parks want to keep up. They want their park entertainment to be just as spectacular as the movies and using stunt robots makes a damn sight better sense than using humans.

Disney understands what their audiences expect and Disney being Disney will want to exceed all expectations. If the future is robot stunt performers, then Disney will find a way to make it happen. Walt believed in the impossible and the impossible is only possible if you dare to dream. 

Don't worry. If you're a stunt performer you won't need to hang up your pads just yet... 

I'll leave you with the echoing words of John Connor:

"The future's not set. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves."

Hasta la vista, baby.


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