Laura Parijs - Academy Student

As much as I love fighting... It's important to be surrounded by the right people with the right knowledge. When I found out about BAA, I found a new home, new friends, a new family. A place where I can completely be myself and won't get judged by my hyperactive personality! 

I have just finished Phase II, still waiting for my results but I can honestly say that this Academy is focussed on the right aspects !


It requires hard work and that's what I LOVE ABOUT IT. It's a physical and mental challenge but then.... Your only demon is the one you see in the mirror. KEEP UP THE HARD WORK, CROSS BOUNDARIES AND KEEP TRAINING. Phase I to Phase II is a big jump. I expected nothing less and I can't wait to be allowed back for Phase III.

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Created by on 27 Jun 2018


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