About Us We love movies. We live action.

"Why grow up when you can make movies" 

Quote from Dar Robinson - Hollywood Stuntman (1947-1986)


We are passionate about action. This is not just work. It's a way of life.

The heart of the academy was born from the passion and experience of some of the UK's leading JISC Registered Stunt co-ordinators, who believe in a simple ethos; to pass their knowledge on to the next generation. 

Since the beginnings of the silver screen, action has played a major part in the success of some of the most memorable movies of all time. From screen legends such as Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd through to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, every generation of performer has pushed the limits of their physical abilities to thrill and entertain movie lovers across the globe.

Our industry recognised screen action courses are setting new standards in the industry for performance and safety and we are extremely proud of all our students who have gone on to fulfil their goals as performers on some of the biggest blockbusters of all time.  

If you're interested in becoming an action performer or require action for your next production or event, get in touch!


Without revealing his true age, Andreas’ experience as a Professional JISC Stunt Co-ordinator and Performer is practically biblical.

His teaching style as Chief Instructor has often been compared to being on a campaign with Attila the Hun. Highly rewarding if a tad sweaty. 

Armed with a credit list longer than the Amazon river and more combat trousers than Rambo, his talent and passion for action keeps him up to all sorts of mischief.

In his time off, oh wait. He doesn't have time off. "Ain't got time to bleeeeeed" 

Rumour has it, he never sleeps and lives entirely on Nakd bars. 

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With more experience in media than Zsa Zsa Gabor has in marriages, Cayte runs the operations of the BAA with the pinpoint accuracy any self-respecting ninja assassin would be jealous of. 

As an opportunity hunter, Cayte thrives on turning the impossible into the possible. She is well known for her exceptional ability to fall over nothing at least 10 times a day and spill at least 1 cup of tea daily.

As a huge Prince fan, Cayte spends what's left of her spare time playing her collection of guitars and trying to sing as high as The Purple One, but failing miserably. 

Rumour has it, she secretly married Prince in 1994...  


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Coming soon...


We are extremely proud to have a wealth of talented and experienced instructors at the British Action Academy, each with their own incredible achievements. From winning prestigious World Stunt Awards for their work as action professionals to performing and co-ordinating on some of the biggest blockbusters of all time such as: 


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