Nick Utton - Academy Student

'Highly recommend. Even if all you're after is to boost your confidence or test your own abilities, this will certainly do that!'

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Jack Stockdale - Academy Student

'B.L.A.S.T: Brilliant course, learned loads from some top instructors'

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Gary Roberts - Academy Student

'If you have aspirations of working in the business, are currently training to be a stunt person, or just someone who loves throwing themselves about and loves movies, this is the course for you!'

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Laura Parijs - Academy Student

'I have just finished Phase II, still waiting for my results but I can honestly say that this Academy is focussed on the right aspects!'

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Ian Whyte - Academy Student

'I would like to recommend this company to anyone in the industry who wants to progress as an action performer.'

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Monica Ioannou - Academy Student

'Warrior masterclass Phase I is a great way to test your limits and see how far you are willing to go! '

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Youssef Kerkour - Academy Student

"This course is an absolute must for anyone who may use firing weapons on a film set."

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Isabel Díaz Anichtchenko - Academy Student

"I recently finished the Warrior Masterclass Phase I and it was an amazing challenging experience, way better than I expected. "

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Shannon Tracey - Academy Student

"What a fantastic course this is!! Unique, informative, physically and mentally challenging."

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