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Stunt action scenes through the decades

In honour of the release of the 'balls out' stunt action next instalment from Mr Cruise; Mission Impossible Fallout, the BAA team bring you our favourite movie action scenes through the decades..

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The rise of the Woman Warrior..

As an agency that focuses on more featured work in the screen action industry, we're seeing a rise in the demand for female performers.. but does supply outweigh demand?

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Smash your next audition. Be the Wimbledon warrior that wins.

It’s time for Wimbledon. That means it's time to stretch the muscles of that Grand Slam Attitude that will help you win those auditions and excel in our competitive arena of screen action...

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Human stunt performers? Hasta la vista, baby.

A team at Disney have created a robot stunt performer. As human beings we are not efficient. We are expensive. We have working rights. We tire. We die. I can hear the Terminator calling..."Come with me if you want to live...." 

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The Academy Award for... Best Stunt/Action Co-ordinator?

It's hard not to speculate the reasons why our industry has not been recognised at the Oscars, and it's equally hard not to think that there may well be deeper politics involved...

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Cine-Comfort: To be Fooled or to be a Fool?

How important is it to be comfortable when watching your favourite films at the pictures...? What type of person are you? Read on to find out more...

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Top Six Films Upcoming In 2018

A look at three of the biggest films to come in 2018... let's begin!

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Quote Of The Week

Become one with the force by inspiring yourself with our quote of the week! This week a famous quote from Jedi Master Yoda!

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