Interview with Ian Whyte

We recently sat down with the whirlwind that is Ian Whyte! A student with The British Action Academy, and a member of our agency, Ian talked us through both his experiences on our courses and on-set. Here he shares his energetic journey with us. Batten down the hatches and strap yourselves in...

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Warrior's Temple: Part Two

The Warrior lifestyle is pretty full on, and to make it through the phases of the Warrior Masterclass you have to be in tip-top shape. You may be wondering how to get into shape, especially with the time restraints of modern life, and without the cost of an expensive gym. This quick routine is designed to build total body strength, to assist your body as it adapts to the demands of the Warrior Masterclass. 

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She Who Dares: An Interview With Frances Katz

With the rise of the Female Warrior, we thought we would look at some of our female Warrior Masterclass students, and explore their journey. In our first She Who Dares interview, we will be talking with Frances Katz, who has rapidly moved through the first three stages in as little as 4 months. A student whose journey we have found incredibly inspiring ...

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The Action Reel Podcast: Episode Two - How to become a stunt performer in the UK

Check Out Episode 2 here...

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The Action Reel Podcast: Episode One - The First Stuntman

Check out our very first Podcast! 

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Never too old to be a stuntman: An interview with Brian Robinson

Think your chance of being an action performer has come and gone? Think again! Brian Robinson is one of our students who, at 60 years old, is waiting to find out if he has made it onto the stunt register. Check out our interview with Brian right here...

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Top Films 2019

2019 is nearly upon us! Check out our list of films that are most anticipated until next year!

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Warrior's Temple: Part One

Whether you are on the Warrior Masterclass journey or in the throes of an intense training regime to become an action performer are you making sure you are taking the time to look after your number one asset? For those dreaming of a long career in this industry, your body is your priority!

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A Day On Titan

We know that there are loads of you out there wondering what a day on one of our Warrior Masterclasses is actually like! So we spent a day on Titan to give you a taste of exactly what goes on!

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