The Evolution Of Stunts - Part Two

We continue our journey through the history of stunt performance in film with the second part of The Evolution Stunts. Read more here...

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B.L.A.S.T. Off! A Day On B.L.A.S.T.

This is it! The big one! As far as introductions into the world of stunts and screen action go, you can’t really beat this one. Step into the shoes of a B.L.A.S.T student and find out what happens on our stunt course...

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Podcast Episode 4: Interview With Jason Bonthuys

In the fourth episode of The Action Reel Podcast, we sat down with British Action Academy student Jason Bonthuys.

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Warrior's Temple: Part Three - How to physically prepare for our courses!

How can you prepare for one of our courses? In this article one of our students Jason Bonthuys give some amazing advice in preparation for all Warriors of all fitness levels!

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The Journey Begins - A Day On Phase I

This is where the Warrior Journey begins! Come with us as we head down to the Warrior Masterclass Phase I as our aspiring Warriors take their first steps on a Warrior Journey...

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The Evolution Of Stunts - Part One

There’s no denying that stunts and action in cinema have changed a huge amount over the years! In this, our first part of The Evolution of Stunts we dive deep into the beginnings of stunt performance in cinema from the early 1900’s - 1920’s. It’s a fascinating read.

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We recreate Tom Cruise MI6 stunt!

To promote the general release, on behalf of Paramount and Premier the BAA events department Live for Action recreates the Mission: Impossible - Fallout jump. We follow Greg Rutherford and those lucky individuals that got to be Tom Cruise for the day...

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Podcast Episode 3: How To Promote Yourself As An Action Performer

Check Out Episode 3 here...

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A Day With The Ultimate Warriors

This is it! The last Phase on the Warrior Masterclass! The best of the best, the cream of the crop! I spent a day with these Ultimate Warriors as they prepared to take on their final challenge...

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