Warrior's Temple: Part Six - Preventing Injury

Following hot off the coat tails of Jeska’s article - Learning from an Injury, we thought we would investigate and provide you with some of the best ways of preventing injury and remaining pain-free throughout your training.

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Learning from an injury - From student Jeska Pike

We all know that training can be tough, but it's even tougher when you have an injury. In this article British Action Academy Student Jeska writes about learning to stay optimistic whilst struggling with a painful setback. It's an inspiring and funny article with some great life lessons!  

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Podcast Episode 5: The First Stunt Woman

In this Podcast episode, we once again dive into the history of stunt performing on the silver screen to tell the incredible story of Helen Gibson, the first professional stunt woman! Listen here...

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The Warrior's Temple Part 4 - Battle Brave. The Warrior's mental health

In Part 4 of the Warrior's Temple, we take a look into a Warrior's mental health. Juggling training, finances, family and friendships can be overwhelming enough in modern day life, now throw in the additional pressure of a self-employed performance job in the highly competitive Film and T.V. industry! 

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Warrior's Temple: Part Five - How tough is the centre of a Warrior?

British Action Academy student and martial arts trainer Jason Bonthuys returns with more great fitness advice for preparing for our the courses! This time looking at your core and nutrition. Read more here...

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The Evolution Of Stunts - Part Two

We continue our journey through the history of stunt performance in film with the second part of The Evolution Stunts. Read more here...

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B.L.A.S.T. Off! A Day On B.L.A.S.T.

This is it! The big one! As far as introductions into the world of stunts and screen action go, you can’t really beat this one. Step into the shoes of a B.L.A.S.T student and find out what happens on our stunt course...

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Podcast Episode 4: Interview With Jason Bonthuys

In the fourth episode of The Action Reel Podcast, we sat down with British Action Academy student Jason Bonthuys.

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Warrior's Temple: Part Three - How to physically prepare for our courses!

How can you prepare for one of our courses? In this article one of our students Jason Bonthuys give some amazing advice in preparation for all Warriors of all fitness levels!

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