Javier Franco - Academy Facebook Friend

Facebook - 5 Stars.

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Barton Williams - Academy Student & Agency Member

"Excellent instructors, that demonstrated professionalism, organisation and enthusiasm, whilst making it challenging and..."

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Steve Lewington - Academy Student & Agency Member

"The unsung heroes of the BAA agency team are some of the most professional, passionate and dedicated individuals I have had the pleasure of working..."

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Saskia Bartlett - Academy Student & Agency Member

"When undertaking your first Special Action jobs on a professional set, you know you are in the best hands with British Action Academy..."

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Matthew Robinson - Academy Student & Agency Member

"When I first signed up for the Warrior Masterclass, the initial goal was to add experience to act as an extension to my skill set as..."

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Brian Robinson - Academy Student & Agency Member

"I have been on Phase 1, 2 & 3 plus BLAST. All BAA courses are fun, informative, challenging and professional. The office guys and instructors are..."

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