Performer Agency Terms

You must read these Terms & Conditions in full. 

These Terms & Conditions are a live document and as such changes can be implemented at anytime. It is your responsibility to check this document regularly.

1. Prerequisites

If the British Action Academy represents you for any action performance roles you must have the following prerequisites;

1a – For any screen combat roles i.e. on screen fighting both armed and unarmed, you must have successfully completed and passed a minimum of the Warrior Masterclass Phase I. Phase II of the course provides you with an industry recognised Skilled Supporting Artist Qualification. Passing the entire Warrior Masterclass course (4 Phases & test Day) will allow us to market you as a BAA Advanced Screen Combatant. There may be special circumstances where we may require individual skills outside of the Warrior Masterclass training, this is at the British Action Academy’s discretion.

1b – For any other specialist action work, you will be contacted based on the qualifications and experience listed on your Agency profile.

1c – If you are not a student with the British Action Academy and are unknown to us, should we wish to put you forward for a particular booking, we may request you to come into our offices for an interview.

2. Application

If you would like to join the BAA Agency, you must be a current student. To apply, please contact us and we will inform you of the application process.

3. Application Conditions

Once you have been accepted onto our register, you will be required to email us a copy of your passport/permit to work in the UK.

If you do not send in your identification, pictures and any certifications within 10 days of being accepted onto our register, your application will be cancelled and you will have to re-apply. You will not be offered any bookings during this time.

Once you are confirmed on our register, you agree to the following;

3a – You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and to comply with instructions given by any member of the British Action Academy Staff.

3b – You are legally entitled to work in the United Kingdom. You must inform the British Action Academy immediately should there be a change to your legal right to work in the UK.

3c – You agree that if you have any allergies to prosthetics or makeup that you have informed us via email before your first contracted work day.

3d – You agree for us to publish your personal details (excluding contact information) on our website and any other material. You also give us permission to forward your personal data to Production Companies, Head of Departments or other members of any Production. We may also contact you with special offers relating to any current/previous booking.

Submitting your application to the British Action Academy does not constitute immediate acceptance. The British Action Academy reserve the right to refuse any application based on the information you provide us or if our books are full and we are unable to take on anymore Performers.

4. Successful Application

Should your application be successful and we have received all relevant documentation, you will be added to our books as a Action Performer.

Your contract with us will last 12 months from your approval date. Your contract will automatically expire on this date and we will contact you prior to this date regarding a renewal.

Once you are a registered Action Performer with the British Action Academy you agree for us to act as your ‘Agent’. You are not an employee or contractor of the British Action Academy.

5. Fees

We charge a one off £50 administration fee on your first booking with the Action Agency. This fee covers our administrative costs to register you as an Action Performer. This fee is non-refundable.

We also deduct a 17% (plus VAT) commission from all fees you receive for bookings which we arrange for you. Photographic and commercial shoots are subject to 20% plus VAT commission.

6. Bookings

From time to time we may contact you for bookings. Acting as your Agent does not guarantee work or that we will offer you bookings at anytime.

7. Availability for work

We may contact you to ask you to keep a period of time free, this may mean that the Production has not officially confirmed set days, however, they have a rough idea of certain weeks/time periods where they may require you to be available. You must confirm your availability ASAP to your British Action Academy representative via email or telephone.

If we do not hear from you regarding your availability after reasonable attempts to contact you, you may not be put forward for the booking. If you are consistently uncontactable, we reserve the right to remove you from our Register.

When you have accepted a booking, if you do not re-confirm your availability to us via text, email or telephone on the day before the booking, before 1pm, we are entitled to replace you without further notice to you. Production may refuse you entry on set and you will not be paid.

Should you confirm your availability for bookings, you are expected to keep the timeframes free from conflicting work/commitments. If you become unavailable for a booking you confirmed you must contact your British Action Academy representative ASAP.

If you fail to turn up to any booking you confirmed without a reasonable explanation, the British Action Academy reserve the right to remove you from our Register.

You are not obliged to accept any bookings we may offer you.

Production Companies are entitled to cancel up to 5.30pm the day before the booking. Should this happen during any of your confirmed bookings, we will contact you via telephone and email to notify you of the cancellation by production. It is at the Production Company's discretion if you will be compensated for the cancelled day. 

8. Your Employment

Your commitment on any booking is subject to a separate contract with the Production Company and certain Production Companies may require you to sign a written contact with them.

You must arrive at the location Production has stated by the call time you are given. If you are late Production may refuse you entry onto set and you will not be paid.

On most professional productions, you will be given a Salary Voucher (e.g. a Chit) at the beginning of each filming day (or the BAA will provide our own Chits). You are responsible for keeping this in a safe place and make sure it is signed at the end of each day by an appropriate member of the Production Team. You must return this Chit to Production at the end of each day of your employment. You will receive a copy of your Chit which you must keep as proof that you worked that particular day. Production may refuse to pay your fees if they do not receive your signed Chit at the end of each day. We are entitled to invoice you for our commission on the fee’s you would have been paid.

If you are not given a Chit by Production, it is your responsibility to keep a record of the hours you have worked and get Production to sign the document. If you work any overtime and have not been provided with a Chit you must email your British Action Academy representative with your overtime hours the next working day. If you do not do this, you may not receive payment.

While you are onset (or on any transportation organised by Production) The British Action Academy are not responsible or liable for any injury or any loss, theft or damage of any of your personal belongings or Production Equipment. The Production Company is responsible for taking out relevant insurances to cover you whilst on set.

Production Companies may ask you to sign a Release Form (this permits Production to use images, films and recordings of you). You must sign this document, failure to do so may resort in the Production withholding your payment. You also agree to allow the British Action Academy to sign your Release Form on your behalf under certain circumstances.

9. Payments

You agree to authorise the British Action Academy to receive all fees from the Production Company for all your bookings, on your behalf.

Once the British Action Academy receives your fee’s from Production we will deduct our commission of 17% plus VAT, then pay the balance directly into your bank via Bank Transfer or by Cheque.  Payment from Production Companies to the British Action Academy could take approx. 6 weeks from the end of your booking, however, this can take longer, depending on the Production Company.

You will receive a Remittance Advice from us once payment has been made to your account. Bank Transfer payments may take up to 7 working days to appear in your account.

The British Action Academy cannot pay you until we have received your fee from the Production Company. If a Production Company fails to pay the British Action Academy we will take all appropriate measures to chase payment on your behalf. You agree to authorise us to take legal action against the said Production Company for unpaid fees on your behalf. The British Action Academy is not liable for your fees which a Production Company fails to pay.

You should not receive your fee’s directly from the Production Company and if this does occur, the British Action Academy is entitled to invoice you for our commission.

10. Taxes and National Insurances

As an Action Performer you are considered ‘Self Employed’. You are therefore responsible for paying your own Tax and completing your yearly tax return. From April 2014, you will now be responsible for your own National Insurance payments.

If you need any advice about paying Tax and NI as a self employed professional, please contact the HMRC directly.  Please note the British Action Academy cannot offer any financial/tax advice.

11. Behaviour and expectations

As a BAA Action Performer, you are expected to behave appropriately on set. Please refer to the separate ‘Set Etiquette’ fact sheet which will be emailed to you once you have been accepted as a BAA Action Performer.

12. Your Data and our Privacy Policy

It is your responsibility to keep your data up to date. You must make sure that your physical appearance details are kept up to date for example; measurements and up to date photographs. If you do not keep this information up to date, it may result in you being sent home from a booking unpaid. If you appearance changes from the original photographs you have submitted in your application, you must provide us with up to date images. You can email them to at any time and we will update your records accordingly.

You must make sure that your bank details and your address are kept up to date as your fees are paid directly into your bank account.

We use your data under the accordance of the Data Protection Act 1998 and will never sell or distribute your data to any third parties who are not relevant to a booking or potential work. We use appropriate measures to ensure your data is safe and secure at all times.

13. Termination

This contract will expire automatically in 12 months from your approval date. You can cancel your contract with us anytime in writing. We will require 28 days notice.

If we terminate your contract due to material or persistent breach of this contract the contract will be terminated with immediate effect and all bookings you are confirmed on will be cancelled with immediate effect. We will pay any outstanding fee’s owed to you on receipt of the money from the Production Company.

Expiry or termination of this contract will not prejudice any rights or remedies which have arisen under this contract prior to that date.

14. Miscellaneous

You must not sub-contract or transfer this contract to any other person.

This contract does not constitute to a contract of employment, partnership or joint venture of any kind between you or the British Action Academy. You have no authority to act in the name or on behalf of the British Action Academy.

This contract supersedes any previous agreements verbal or written, except for information you have provided us in your application.


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